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Tropi-Trap Evo Mini is a small but complete system. Tropi-Trap Evo Mini:

  1. Provides the same success rate as the rest of the models.

  2. Plants can grow but will not reach maturity sizes.

  3. Sent as a demo set to schools to experience growth of the plants.

    Tropi-Trap Evo Mini

    • Care for each system is simple, simply:

      • Turn on your customized growlight for exactly 12-hours each day (You may purchase a timer from us and have it preset before being sent to you).
      • Place your terrarium under the growlight, with the pitcher plant aligned to the center of the light.
      • Water your terrarium to the maximum line when the water level reaches the minimum line.

      To view the full terrarium guide, you may click here.

    • This system consists of: 


      • Customized Growlight (5W): $60 x 1
      • Tank (15cm): $10 x 1
      • Live Sphagnum Moss: $10
      • Dried Sphagnum Moss: $10
      • Workmanship + 1-month Live Plant Warranty: $15


      • Pitcher Plant (Large): $35 x 1
      • Sundews (Small): $15 x 4
      • Venus Flytrap (Small): $15 x 1

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