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About Us

Our History

In 2008, Darren's fascination with carnivorous plants began, sparked by the vivid illustrations in his primary 3 science textbook. However, efforts to cultivate these captivating plants in Singapore's tropical climate resulted in repeated failures. Determined to uncover the underlying issues, Darren researched extensively and collaborated with experienced growers. He soon realized that the local climate was the root cause of their challenges.

In 2013, Darren's breakthrough came with the discovery of Plant Tissue Culture, which ignited his interest in plant tissue regeneration. Undeterred by skepticism, he established his home laboratory and embarked on a journey of scientific exploration.

Despite facing academic challenges, Darren's dedication persisted, and in 2016, the SG Bred Venus Fly Traps group was formed. Their collective efforts accelerated data collection and research progress. Finally, in 2016, the group achieved a significant milestone with the development of the first batch of Tropicalised Carnivorous Plants, marking a turning point in the success rate of cultivation.

Today, we continue to push the boundaries of knowledge in carnivorous plant cultivation, inviting you to join us on this remarkable journey of passion and innovation.

Our Team

At SGVenusFlytrap, our exceptional team is the driving force behind the unmatched products and experiences we are able to provide. We are driven by our goal of bringing these once difficult to grow plants to the mainstream alongside plants like succulents and orchids. We hope that one day we would see carnivorous plants being grown by all Singaporean households!

We believe that a team with strong values is the core of any successful organization. Therefore we build our team based on the following.

Our company culture:

  • Passion driven by innovation and curiosity.

  • Respect all with care and compassion

Expected Employee Qualities:

  • Integrity

  • Dependable

  • Selfless

  • Reflexive

Together, we are the backbone of your success in growing these plants.

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