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Outdoor Grow Guide

The Right Plants

Carnivorous plants are temperate climate plants. It is hard to grow them in the past as our weather is too hot for the plants, causing them to die.


Fortunately, our founder experienced a bio-technological breakthrough in the field of gene re-expression. Today, the carnivorous plants under our care are able to survive in our tropical climate without the use of a chiller. They are definitely the right plants to add into your collection.

To care for the plants now, these are the conditions required:

4-6 Hours of bright direct sunlight
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Water plants when water level drops to minimum level.

However, while growing these plants, these are potential challenges you might face:

Not Enough direct sunlight
No time to chase for direct sunlight
Unavoidable monsoon season

Sicknesses Affecting Plant Health

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Above: A diagram that show how to identify a healthy Venus Flytrap.


Algae is a common problem that affects all carnivorous plants. It can be identified by a green slimy coating on top of the moss that these plants are grown upon. Algae will end up suffocating the plants, slowing their growth rate and end up killing them.

Algae is caused by the plants being in a high sunlight and high moisture environment.

Leaves Thinning and Elongating

The leaves of carnivorous plants would thin and elongate in the absence of sufficient sunlight. This is the plant's final attempt to to absorb more sunlight to survive. 

The lack of exposure to sunlight contributes to 75% of plant failure across the community. It is usually caused by the general lack of sunlight within our members' flats, our members being too busy to chase for the sunlight and the unavoidable monsoon season being present.

At this point, we understand that you may not be confident in growing these plants outdoors. Therefore, we offer you a method of growing that is successful, simple to care for and low-maintenance in Tropi-Trap Evo.

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