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Tropi-Trap Evo

Expect Nothing, But Success

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Even after undergoing gene re-expression, our community still experienced a high rate of plant failure, with the large majority of plant failure attributed to the lack of consistent direct sunlight, due to its ever-changing location and the monsoon season.


With the uncertainty of sunlight availability prevalent due to those aforementioned factors, we introduced to our members in 2018, Tropi-Trap Evo. This is a game-changing technological innovation that allows our members to successfully grow these sun-loving plants even in the complete shade of their home. 


Benefits of this growing method:

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Success Rate
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4 - 12
Built for Ages
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Indoor System
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Live Plant Warranty
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Childrens' Interest
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What is a 1-Month Live Plant Warranty?*

Providing our members with a successful growing experience like never before.

This 1-month live plant warranty will apply even when children are building the terrarium themselves, as our customized growlight will heal all damages that the plants sustain during the workshop.

*Note: Live plant warranty will not cover plant damage or death caused by personal negligence.


3 Keys to Success

Every Tropi-Trap Evo system provides you with the 3 keys to success in growing carnivorous plants, the very same keys required to successfully grow other plants like orchids, succulents and aroids etc. 

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The Right Plants

Carnivorous plants researched and developed by us are consistently thriving in Singapore's weather.

The right conditions

The dome-shaped bowl provides stable humidity for the plants to grow well while overriding whatever environment you are in. (For example, natural wind, strong fan, air-conditioner.)

The right experience

The selected wave-length of our customized growlight provides the exact amount of light to the plants, which also prevents the algae from growing.

Success Guaranteed

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12 December 2022
Member Wei Na's Terrarium
13 March 2023
Member Steven Ong's Terrarium



"Tropi-Trap Evo has allowed me to grow carnivorous plants successfully. I used to grow them outdoors, so whenever it rains, I always am afraid of my plants not receiving enough sunlight. Well, now I don't have to worry about that anymore!''

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