Specially researched and developed for

Singapore’s Tropical Climate

Why are growing carnivorous plants so popular recently?

Effective pest controls!

They are highly effective in taking down mosquitoes, ants, and houseflies in your home naturally! Protect your young ones at home!

Spark children’s curiosity and develop passion for science!

Allow your children to learn from our founder, Darren, who started his journey at the age of 10. Get inspired by how he owns 2 leading Tech Innovations that change the carnivorous plant community by the age of 19!

Gorgeous and Easy to grow!

Having modified leaves that resemble flowers allows them to be pretty year-round! With our technological breakthroughs, they can be grown easily even by your child!

You might be thinking whether if growing carnivorous plants really that easy?

You are right! Growing carnivorous plants are once the most challenging plants you can ever find in the nursery!

They are temperate plants that do best during springtime at temperature of 18-22°C! (Hint: That’s the reason why Garden By The Bay grows them in Cloud Forest)

Under the warm temperature, imported Venus Flytrap often only have couples of weeks to live….. 

Our 2 Research Breakthroughs!

 Biotechnology Breakthrough

Gene Re-expression


In 2016, Our Founder, Darren, unexpected discovery redefined what is possible! Using the new technology Re-expression, new proteins found in newly developed carnivorous plants allow these plants to be stable even in our tropical heat! This led to the formation of SGVenusFlytrap back in 2016! Find out more about it here!

Revolutionary Indoor Terrarium System

Tropi Trap Evo


Tropi Trap Evo, is the revolutionary terrarium system that redefines the traditional growing experience. It brings success to anyone on their first attempt! It is the first plant system that comes with 1 Month live plant warranty! With the right type of plants, growing conditions and experience, expect nothing but success on your first try! Find out more about it here!