SGVFT’s Indoor Terrarium System


SGVFT Indoor Terrarium System is the first of its kind to have full control over the exact amount of basic needs required by carnivorous plants which greatly reduce the need to depend on weather condition or grower’s experience. Introduced back in 2019, it had been well adopted by the whole community due to the ease and convenience it had brought to beginners.

Suitable for members without experience with plants!

Proven to grow easily with just watering! 100% success rate!

Only water once every 3-5days!

Turn on the balanced Growlight for 12hrs a day

Thrive well without the need for any direct sunlight

1 Month warranty(Need to register)

After-sale maintenance is available too!

Zero-worry way of growing Exotic Plants with minimum maintenance!

SGVFT Terrarium Growlight is specially designed and developed by our community after years of research and testing. With the latest technology used, it had replaced the previous models, with the following outstanding improvement.

Red spectrums

3 specific red wavelengths had been identified and maximize at the highest level of adsorption by carnivorous plants. When provided at the exact quantity required by the carnivorous plants, a very minimal red spectrum will be reflected. Thus, the overall redness of the terrarium system had been eliminated.

Uneven light distribution

Light distribution is uneven! This may often seem to be a weakness for most growlight. But when carefully adjusted and calibrated, the weakness can be transformed into a strength! With a calibrated uneven distribution, we can provide the exact amount of light for each species. As some species required more light and some species required less light, we no longer have to worry about combining various carnivorous plants together.

Algae Reduction

2 wavelengths had been identified for the responsibility for the algae bloom. These 2 wavelengths had been proven to work wonders for most plants like herbs and vegetables. Unfortunately, the same wavelength is also well appreciated by algae. And we all know algae kill carnivorous plants. But fortunately, carnivorous plants’ light requirement had been generalized as a normal ornamental plant in the past. In fact, what proven to work for normal ornamental plants and algae do not really benefit carnivorous plants well. Thus, by identifying wavelengths that suit carnivorous plants but not algae will solve the fundamental problem faced by our community.

Usage specifications:

Despite having the right combination spectrum, SGVFT Terrarium Growlight had to be used correctly to generate the most optimum result. Due to the uneven light distribution, SGVFT Terrarium Growlight has a very specific usage guide. Light intensity and distribution, plant selection and position have to take well into consideration for the most optimum results. However, if the terrarium is set up with too few or too many plants; the wrong type of plants; or even the wrong position, it can result in serious algae bloom and system crashing. Due to the complexity of the Indoor terrarium system, selected few volunteers had been trained to guide interested members with the arrangement to allow new members to have a peace of mind when growing these exotic plants!


Suitable for indoor office and home use

Ideal for Indoor Decoration.

So you might be wondering what can I expect from a balanced Terrarium System?

Here is a list of compile updates shared by members who are using this advanced system!

Most of them are even grown by kids 4-6years old!