Polish Dracula



  • Short teeth Venus Flytrap with green band near the teeth
  • Triangular-shaped teeth
  • Effective against: Medium-sized bugs in general (Flies etc), Spider, small slugs, snails, moth
  • Require 4-6hrs of direct sun daily
  • Fully mature when 2 years old
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Polish Dracula possess short, pointy teeth that often develop a red coloration which are reminiscent of blood-stained vampire fangs. It has a lime green rim along the edge of the trap which gives it  a nice contrast. It changes from low-lying traps to upright towering traps.

Approved Growguide

Sunlight: 4-6hrs of direct sun minimally, No cooling is required Or 12hrs SGVFT Terrarium Growlight

Water: Refill to the max line when the water level falls to the min line. Refer to here for full details. Tap water is proven to be safe across our community

No fertilizer required. Fertilizers are like toxins, especially for carnivorous plants. Their roots are very sensitive to minerals and often die when they come in contact with minerals.

Feeding is strongly discouraged by our community. Carnivorous plants have the ability to lure and hunt down insects. There is no need for us to feed them. Often, when we feed them, we tend to damage the plants’ traps. However, if you want to feed them, you can feed them 1 insect every 1-2weeks. Do note that the insect must be 1/3 the size of leaves.

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