Our Uniqueness



It all began with a problem…

Have you ever wondered why these amazing carnivorous plants are so cool but not popular in Singapore? The reason is because, in the past, many people face high rate of failure in growing these carnivorous plants. As temperate plants, they originate from temperate climate regions where they strive well in cold environment with high level of sunlight and water. With such contrasting and stringent requirements (especially cold temperature), they are hardly able to be grown in Singapore’s tropical climate. Moreover, to keep carnivorous plants successfully would meant that these plants can only be grown in cold environments like Gardens By The Bay Cloud Dome or in a room with air-conditioner being switched on all-day. This would be pose as an expensive hobby for people who are interested in keeping them.




Research Breakthrough

After researching for a long time, Darren Ng have made a scientific breakthrough where he managed to tropicalize these plants through plant tissue regeneration. The carnivorous plants that are grown from his lab no longer require cold temperature to survive. With this discovery, now interested cultivators can now grow these exotic plants even without the technology of the Gardens By The Bay Cloud Dome! How amazing is that? Furthermore, caring for these carnivorous plants is now reduced to just 2 simple steps of providing 4-6 hours of direct sunlight as well as water!



Growing Carnivorous Plants Indoor

One of the latest solutions we have come up with is the indoor terrarium system. From the past, we understood that there are community members who do not have access to 4-6 hours of direct sunlight due to their house location or nature of their work. This brings convenience to members as they can just grow and cultivate carnivorous plants indoor with just 12 hours of grow light every day! In addition, it is proven to grow these carnivorous plants well!





Continuing Works

Currently, SGVenusFlytrap community is continuing its efforts in innovating and researching into improving and innovating solutions to problems faced by carnivorous plant enthusiasts. Aside from that, we continue to strive to spread awareness and educate the members of public on carnivorous plants and numerous benefits of keeping them.