Our Uniqueness

Ornamental plants are known for their exotic beauty and their strict requirements of average temperatures ranging from above 10 degree celsius to minus 2 degree celsius. It is even much harder to keep a ornamental plant at home without worries for its high upkeep costs.

Carnivorous plants such as venus flytrap poses a challenge for new members who are looking to set foot into gardening. With high plant death rates for their poor adapting ability, it makes it especially challenging for beginners to start with.

Like any migrating birds seeking refuge overseas for similar climate as seasons change through the seasons, carnivorous plants are no different as they seek similar climate to thrive in cooler months of Spring where they thrive before starting their winter rest in late autumn. From a cool spring to a contrasting warm humid summer of Singapore climate, it is no wonder pants that are used to cooler temperatures cannot adapt to hotter regions.

Imported plants thrive in controlled environments such as Singapore Flower Dome where temperatures and environment are constantly measured and monitored to mirror their natural habitats. Seeing the plants at their best makes you want to share the joy of owning one for yourself and with your friends and family. The moment you choose to bring them outside of their habitat will have an opposite result than you wished for.

If you like to have temperate climate carnivorous plants without the challenges that it comes together in a package, SGVenusFlyTrap offers you locally Tissue Cultured plants that’s adapted and adjusted to thrive in the hot warm and humid climate, all Summer season of Singapore.

Proudly present to you locally cultured Venus Fly Traps that is easy to maintain and able to thrive in under the hot blazing sun. Visit our store to find a plant of your interest.