Carnivorous Plant Grow Guide

Growing temperate carnivorous plants once poses a great problem to each and everyone in the Singapore community due to our warm weather! And that is why you heard many growing orchids, succulents, and air plants! But not carnivorous plants!

With our community’s research breakthrough, growing carnivorous plants is no longer as challenging as many experienced a decade ago! With the development of tropicalised carnivorous plants with our Biotech: Gene Re-expression, it is now biologically possible for these plants to photosynthesis efficiently even at the average temperature of 34°C. And that is why our community quickly grows in size due to the ease of growing carnivorous plants! Being able to thrive in the hot weather, this removed the great barrier that once prevents many growers from success.

With our Biotech research breakthrough, here is a summarised table of comparison with the outstanding improvements.

*There is only an estimated 3-5% of Venus flytrap entering dormancy across our community after an observation period of 4 years.

With an insignificant rate of dormancy and the ability to thrive in tropical temperature, now we are left with only 2 key factors to fulfill. 1. Water  2. Direct sun

Water Requirement

So how do we water the plants?

A very simple and reliable approach was adopted by our community. Always remove the pot from the cup and top it up with tap water until it reaches the maximum level. Repeat the process again when the water level falls to the minimum line. Remember never allow the water to exceed the maximum and minimum water level! With this simple method, it will allow a fuss-free experience when watering your carnivorous plants and you will no need to worry about over or under watering your plants!

Tips: All plants are bred using tap water. You can safely use tap water when watering all the plants from us without any issue.

Sunlight Requirement


Carnivorous plants like Venus Flytrap, Pitcher plants (Sarracenia), and Sundew are generally sun-loving. Sunlight is the main source of energy for Carnivorous Plants to grow more and bigger traps to make you happy! They can take direct sun for the entire day without any problems but you have to make sure they have water in their cups! The more direct sun given to them, the better they grow well! There are 2 keys when coming to give direct sun.


1st: It must cast a sharp dark shadow when you place your hand 10cm away from the growing area

2nd: It must be consistent. They must receive 4-6hrs of direct sun daily and not to be missed!

The lack of sun contributed to up to 75% of the annual failures across the community due to the unpredictable weather. Carnivorous plants are a little deceiving when coming to this aspect. Because carnivorous plants often tend to store up energy and thus, they often do not reveal signs of dying even when they do not receive enough sun! To prevent and safeguard you from losing your plants due to the lack of sun, this article will equip you with the skill to identify the very 1st symptom.


Plants Lighting Requirements Guide

Direct Sunlight: 1 – 2 hours
Direct Sunlight: 3 – 4 hours ✓ ✓
Direct Sunlight: 4 – 6 hours ✓ ✓ ✓
Species / Cultivars Sunlight Requirements
SGVenusFlytrap “Fine Teeth x Red” ✓✓✓
SGVenusFlytrap “Burbank” ✓✓
SGVenusFlytrap “Red Piranha” ✓✓✓
SGVenusFlytrap “Wacky” ✓✓
SGVenusFlytrap “B52” ✓✓✓
SGVenusFlytrap “Roaring Flames” ✓✓✓
SGVenusFlytrap “Archangel” ✓✓✓
SGVenusFlytrap “Marcoon Monster” ✓✓✓
SGVenusFlytrap “Spider” ✓✓
SGVenusFlytrap “Polish Dracula” ✓✓✓
Drosera Paradoxa ✓✓✓
Drosera Fulva ✓✓
Drosera Falconeri ✓✓
Drosera Badgerupii ✓✓
Drosera Manii x Omissa ✓✓
Drosera puchella ✓✓
Drosera puchellia x omissa ✓✓
Drosera Intemedia x Roundifolia ✓✓
Drosera Humpty Doo ✓✓
Drosera Burmanii
Sarracenia Purpurea ✓✓✓
Sarracenia Purpurea x rubra
(Sarracenia X Maroon)
Sarracenia leucophylla x psittacina
(Sarracenia X Scarlet Belle)

Feeding Carnivorous Plants

Feeding is optional as Carnivorous plants are also plants, which means that they can still photosynthesis. So don’t worry that carnivorous plants do not die even when they did not catch any insects. However, if you want to feed, you can always catch small insects that can feed into their traps. It is advised to feed 1 insect every 2 weeks. If you happened not to be able to catch any insects, you can feed your traps with bloodworm too!


So what happens if my place do not have sun and I still want to grow Venus Flytraps?
Does that mean I cannot grow Venus Flytrap anymore?

Through the in-depth research carried out over the past few years from Darren’s laboratory, you can still grow them very well with our indoor terrarium system! These customised LED configuration specially designed  with a specific wavelength that optimize electricity and yet gives out light energy that is truly required by Venus Flytrap. Numerous modifications and experiments are carried out over the years to allow Venus Flytrap to grow beautifully indoors without any sunlight.