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Looking to have an enriching and unique type of event? SGVenusFlytrap conduct workshops for variety of events ranging from school workshops to private corporate workshops!

With increasing interest in growing carnivorous plants in Singapore by adults or even students, our community is pleased to offer workshops with a wide range of topics starting from the basic carnivorous plant care to building up your very own Indoor Terrarium System! We will provide the required materials as well as grow guides specially made for your newly made carnivorous friends as well!


List of events/clients we cater our workshop to:

                  1. Schools (Both private and MOE schools)
                  2. Companies/Corporates
                  3. Private Events (Birthday parties etc)
                  4. Any other events

Educational Workshops for Schools

With in-house MOE-approved trainers, we conduct workshops for both MOE and private institutions. Being local students who started SGVenusFlytrap from ground-zero, we hope to inspire students to chase for science or any other passion by sharing our story.

To further enhance student’s learning, sparking interest amongst students in cultivating plants can be beneficial for holistic development. Not only will students appreciate and gather scientific knowledge, plant-growing can inculcate values such as perseverance and patience in them.


Workshop for Companies/Corporates

Thinking of some engagement and getting a well-deserved break from days of hustling? We are offering you a unique solution! Let us engage you and your colleagues into an unforgettable flora and fauna experience with a workshop on growing carnivorous plants and getting fun from learning and picking up a new hobby.

That is not all…  at the end of the workshop, you and your colleagues get to bring exotic plants which were once only restricted in Gardens by The Bay, Cloud Dome back into your office! With our research breakthrough, these terrariums are proven to grow well in indoor settings like office environment! Each of these terrariums even comes with 1-month warranty! Furthermore, research studies have shown that offices with green and plants can relieve stress in employees as well as boosting their productivity!

Workshop for Private Events/Special Occasions/Others

Gabriel Birthday Party II

What if you are thinking of making your private event more flavourful and special? Be it a birthday party or wedding, you can always engage us to provide a different experience to your event!

We are flexible and opened to holding workshops in different types of setting, just contact us and we will collaborate with you.




If you have something in mind, reach out to us by dropping us an email at !